Bike Fitting

Each bike fit begins with a rider and fitter consultation. During this time we discuss past injuries which could be related to cycling, riding style, cycling goals, cycling terrain. After the initial consultation we begin the fitting process.

  • Biomechanical Assessment
  • Analyze flexibility and strength
  • Establish strengths and asymmetries
  • Prescribe corrective exercise to counter any of these asymmetries

Bike Assessment

  • Riding time!
  • Warm up 10 – 15 min in current position
  • Analyze current abnormalities with pedal stroke and posture
  • 3 X 2 min HARD riding in current position
  • Discuss current sensations
  • Measure biomechanical angles and adjust bike as needed
  • After bike is adjusted we continue with 2 min hard efforts until we are satisfied with efficiency and power transfer

When customizing your position, every tweak and bolt turn will have a proper explanation as to why we are doing what we are doing and the benefits.

The goals is to also educate each cyclist on how to pedal efficiently, maintain posture throughout long rides or short intense rides therefore maximizing power transfer into each pedal stroke.

  • Flexibility and strength analysis with exercise prescription
  • The goal of improving flexibility, power and stability.
  • Fit includes follow up visit

$250 per fit 

$75 per additional bike